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The VAS(Virtual Application Server) is a platform developed by Utropicmedia to allow our clients to realize the promise of SaaS. Before VAS, companies and teams cobbled together existing infrastructure designs and dated business processes in an effort to force technology into a service-based model. With the arrival of our new platform a VAS provides the complete stack of technology and services required to power any SaaS application. Our primary goal was to allow your team to focus on running your SaaS applications and taking care of your clients while we make sure you have best-in-class technology and business processes at your disposal.

dedicated example
Our goal with the VAS package was to create a dedicated server product that had all the flexibility that virtualization technologies provide while not sacrificing the performance a dedicated server provides. The VAS platform is the next significant advance in Managed Hosting.

The performance of the VAS comes from a solid foundation, years of engineering experience and proprietary extensions that allow the OS Kernels to operate in true, real-time fashion. Couple our technology with industry-leading business processes and management and you have a true evolution to enable the SaaS approaches of the next century.

Now VAS builds are available in over 50 countries. Visit our International Colocation page for location information and please contact us for pricing.

performance Dedicated Resources
Get the power of the latest Intel Xeon Processors. We can provide 32-bit, 64-bit and hybrid 64/32 platforms for your applications, and with your data stored on our Enterprise SAN you are assured peak performance and reliability.

Rapid Provisioning Rapid Provisioning
We can have your server online in hours instead of weeks. Have a high-traffic site or application that needs hosting? Load-balancing and Clustering VAS servers is simple.
Fully Managed Fully-Managed
Don't have an IT staff? No problem! Get dedicated engineers that are available to answer your most detailed questions. Already have an IT staff? Get new team members that can help run-down issues and are available to bounce ideas off of.
Easy Upgrades Eliminate Upgrade Hassles
In the past getting hardware or resource upgrades has been a long and difficult process. With the VAS platform upgrading memory is simple as a request and a reboot. Upgrading storage space is as easy as a request! Gone are the days when you had to plan around your technology - now it plans around you.

Product Comparison

  VPS Dedicated VAS
  Contact Us for Pricing
Dedicated Memory no yes yes
Dedicated Data Storage yes yes yes
Dedicated Network no yes yes
Dedicated CPU yes yes
Add Load Balancing Easily no no yes
Add Disk Space Instantly no no yes
Add Memory Easily no no yes
Enterprise Data Backup no no yes
Managed Backup SAN no no yes
Full GigE Network no no yes
Multi-Terabyte Storage Capacity no no yes
Remote Console Access/VNC no no yes
Dedicated Level-3+ Engineers no no yes
Easily Migrate and Upgrade no no yes

Product Performance Utility Computing Realized
Get a powerful infrastructure to service your project. By realizing the promise of utility computing, your project can get the right amount of resources and easily increase CPU, RAM and SAN Storage over time as your needs increase. Forget about up-front capital expenditures: pay for what you need from day one.

Off-site or in your Datacenter our robust and complete technology solutions include more then servers and IP addresses. IT organizations have been working toward Ubiquitous Standardization for years - we have it pre-built. Complete business processes that have join points that allow us to integrate with your existing processes and procedures. Technology is supposed to conform to your needs, not the other way around. Our knowledge coupled with our network of partners means you have the most powerful and capable technology and human resources at your disposal.


Work Faster
Rapid deployment lets your engineers and analysts focus on interfacing with legacy systems and implementing your organization's best-practices instead of dealing with headaches that were solved 15 years ago.

Need more power? Dial-up the memory and CPU. The power of SaaS is the ability to abstract the physical components. Instead of focusing on maintaining servers and software, your teams spend their time on making your organization better.

Advanced VaultWise® Backup and Restore(BUR)
With VaultWise Corporate included with every VAS you have the control to restore things like MSSQL database tables, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, or any file on the filesystem. VaultWise also ensures your data is protect with US Government-strength encryption with AES.

Aside from protecting data, VaultWise allows you to enforce strict compliance guidelines with incremental backups and multiple backup sets to easily create a history of your data as it changes over time. VaultWise versioning provides the most accurate and compliant audit-trail possible.

The next generation of Continuous Data Protection from R1Soft is available with Linux VAS builds and for Windows in 4Q 2008. Using a fraction of the overhead traditional backups incur, CDP block-level backups make real-time data backup and restoration on production platforms a reality.

Reduce Costs Automate the Pain Away
Does your organization have a compliance target? Ever been confronted with the latest flavor of Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI or HIPPA and unsure what the next move is? With a VAS solution you reduce your base deployment time by working with a complete, pre-audited system. Instead of deployments taking months get accustomed to key tasks of your project plan taking days.

Cost Chart
If custom integration is unnecessary we can provide your organization with the shortest production roll-out in the industry. Need to perform QA? No problem. We can set up dedicated QA environments for your project in 1/10th the time it would take if you did not use our processes. If your project requires granular integration you will benefit from best-practices included at every step of the process.

development process Reduce your Recoup Time
Utilize the VAS platform as a tactical step while migrating from one platform, as a quick-setup QA environment, or to power a dedicated application such as jBoss, Webshpere, Windows Exchange Server, etc. Adding in-house resources without hiring contractors - add functionality while your IT resources are busy with other projects. Delegate interaction with outsourced suppliers to reduce headaches. The VAS platform can be used to create template configurations for use with your ASPs/vendors. Automatically ensure your organization is running on the latest version of a software while we ensure compliance with your business specifications.

Contact us now for more information and best pricing for your specifications.

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