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Web Hosting

    Get the Best Web Hosting

    There was a time when Website Hosting was a commodity – that time was six months ago.  Technological change has accelerated again as website and mobile applications become more complex.  Just like only using HTML isn’t enough anymore, punting data onto a server won’t cut it.  Get a team on your side that knows complex caching schemes, site minification, content delivery network integration, mobile proxies, crawler optimization and more.

    You get access to more than just hosting services:  you get an extended team that can provide everything from consulting to compliance scanning, auditing, and more.



    Enterprise Storage

    Premium BGP4 Network

    Host Multiple Domains

    AJAX Secure Webmail

    Clustered Architecture

    Money Back Guarantee

    Dual-Layer Data Backups

    Multiple backup processes means greater protection.  Comprehensive account backups in addition to individual CDP multi-snapshot backups: both powered by VaultWise™ Online Backup.


    CDN - CloudFlare HostingGlobal CDN Included

    As a CloudFlare partner, Utropicmedia provides free CloudFlare CDN service with each Professional hosting account.  Get expert advice on the leading innovator in the CDN space from the most reliable hosting name in the industry.


    Website Firewall Security Robust Security

    Secure, encrypted access provided on all services, including control panel, email, ftp, web and more.  Triple firewalled servers: Network protection, Server protection and application firewalls enable the industries most comprehensive security offering.


    Hyper-Speed™ Performance

    Sub-second page loads?  Yeah, we have that.

    It starts with enterprise servers powered by Intel® Xeon™ multi-core processors, continues with the leading multi-homed redundant global network and accelerates with Utropicmedia engineering.  Multiple levels of optimized caching utilizing ehcache. memcached, Xcache, CDNs and more mean that Utropicmedia goes beyond hosting: our developers and engineers can custom optimize your individual site or application.  The only provider to deliver Hyper-Speed™ web site and application performance.

    Website Hosting FeatureNo Overselling

    Website Hosting Feature100% Uptime SLA

    Website Hosting FeatureReliable Infrastructure

    Website Hosting FeatureLatest Technology

    Quality Installable Applications

    Hosting from Utropicmedia includes over 100 easily installable applications to get you started quickly.  Here are just a few…..

    CMS / Blog


    A personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability.

    CMS / Blog


    Use Drupal to build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications.

    CMS / Blog


    A free, open-source CMS, dynamic portal engine and application framework.



    A heavy-weight e-commerce application designed to be simple to customize.

    Elgg Hosting

    Social Networking


    Elgg empowers individuals, groups and institutions to create their own fully-featured social environment.

    Codeigniter Hosting



    CodeIgniteris a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for PHP coders who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.


    ERP / CRM


    Vtiger CRM is a full-featured CRM software ideal for small and medium businesses.

    cFTP client file hosting

    File Sharing


    cFTP allows you to create clients accounts with a very easy to use front end.


    Utropicmedia was formed over a decade ago to channel innovation and create a leader in managed hosting services. Our target market is businesses looking for premier IT performance and reliability to support their growth. Utilizing experience with projects ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to Sovereign Governments, Utropicmedia has a reputation for delivering innovative and aggressive solutions.


    No Overselling

    Overselling is a when service providers make more commitments than resources they have. (When was the last time you saw an “unlimited” hard drive or network connection?)  While overselling is at best a misleading shell-game and at worst outright fraud, many in the hosting services industry use the practice of overselling to increase margins while decreasing the quality of hosting service.  When you purchase resources at Utropicmedia not only can we deliver but those resources actually already exist and are live, on the network, assigned to your account.


    Enterprise Services

    We’ve come from and continue to live in the business world.  While our Team’s experience with large companies provides invaluable insight, SMBs work differently.  Focused teams need greater agility and the ability to respond quickly to new requirements and issues.  Utropicmedia web hosting allows SMBs to get the best capabilities available to large companies while maintaining the value you demand.

    Continuous Improvement….

    Not only is Utropicmedia a critically valuable member of your team, we marry feedback from our clients with trends in technology.  Identifying value between changes in technology and business value propositions is where Utropicmedia gives your team an edge that can push you ahead of your competitors.

    • Plans

    • Amount of disk space
    • Bandwidth per month
    • No. of e-mail accounts
    • No. of MySql databases
    • 24h support
    • Off-site data backup
    • CPU Level
    • Addon Domains
    • Max email size w/attachments
    • 3 months pre-paid
    • 6 months pre-paid
    • 12 month pre-paid
    • Pro 1

    • $12.95

      per month

    • 1GB
    • 20GB
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • Yes
    • Free
    • Level 1
    • 3
    • 50 MB
    • $35.95
    • $67.95
    • $125.95
    • Pro 2

    • $22.95

      per month

    • 5GB
    • 50GB
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • Yes
    • Free
    • Level 2
    • 6
    • 100 MB
    • $65.95
    • $125.95
    • $239.95
    • Pro 3

    • $40

      per month

    • 10GB
    • 100GB
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • Yes
    • Free
    • Level 3
    • 10
    • 100 MB
    • $115.95
    • $221.95
    • $429.95