International Server Colocation

In 2000 a client asked us what it would take to have owned equipment shipped from their office to Southeast Asia for their growing Asia-Pacific sales staff. Our analysts started making calls, sending emails, and speaking with various government officials and vendors. After hundreds of hours of logistics, we were able to provide a conclusive proposal to our client that included costs, regulations and geo-political issues that would affect the quality of their service. Since that first proposal we have been building relationships with carriers and commercial real-estate businesses around the globe. From taxes, insurance, logistics and security, the team at Utropicmedia is here to help provide our clients with unmatched global performance.

The only provider to offer physical presence in over 50 countries, Utropicmedia has become the leader for international managed colocation. Facilities offered by Utropicmedia meet a strict profile of requirements that help provide our clients with reliable levels of service and proformance.

Included Features for All Locations
  • Redundant power generators & Redundant HVACs
  • Physical security with 24-hour on-site monitoring
  • Redundant Network routes out of the facility
  • BGP4 routing between multiple providers
  • Multiple Gigabit/GigE Lines available
  • 95th-percentile billing
  • Migration Array: Zero-Downtime Server Moves
  • Strict Chain-of-Custody Provisions
  • Project Managers Available
  • Project Staffing Available
  • Compliance Officers/Auditors Available
  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) Available
  • High-Speed Enterprise SAN Storage Available
  • Easy Upgrade Path
Looking for international dedicated servers? Our VAS commerical application server product is available in Europe, Asia, Australia and more.
Looking for international Disaster Recovery/Online Data Backup? Our Vaultwise Corporate Backup team offers a full suite of data backup solutions, all of which can be provided in many geographical locations.

International Colocation Map

Utropicmedia has spent the better part of a decade building relationships with transit and facility providers to offer our clients the first truly global colocation solution. With a network of resources covering 6 continents and over 50 countries, Utropicmedia logistics continues to be the watermark mid-size global providers are measured by.

In addition to international managed colocation services, we offer many of our SaaS services, like our advanced VAS products and secure messaging services, in our global POPs. Over 30 international transit provider in over 50 countries working with us to deliver the only global network solution that matters: yours.

Feel free to contact us at any time for more infomration and pricing on international server hosting and colocation.