Reliable Managed Hosting

Come in from the fog and look past the marketing gimmicks that are so pervasive today. With distractions and misinformation like Cloud Computing and Virtual Dedicated it's difficult to separate the hype from the reality. The reality is Cloud Computing performance is all over the place. There are no performance standards and gone are the days of comparing disk space, bandwidth and RAM to decide which provider offers the best value. One adage remains true: you get what you pay for.

Business hosting services from Utropicmedia are meant to completely side-step the gimmicks and hype: every resource we provide is dedicated. Our simple concept of dedicated resources means nothing is oversold, re-sold or over-committed. When you get a GB of disk from Utropicmedia it's yours: not re-sold 5 times until the server falls over. When you get a CPU core from Utropicmedia it's configured to be dedicated to your instance: not co-scheduled with 50 other guest VMs. When you get a service from Utropicmedia it means you get Engineers that are here to help you so your time is spent managing your business, not your technology.

Unlike most hosting providers that over-subscribe their capacity to maximize profits our clients demand performance and reliability, which is why we've provided a 100% uptime SLA for over 10 years. We wanted to provide businesses the tools, performance and reliability that we ourselves expect from a service provider, which is why Utropicmedia has been a leader in hosting innovation and reliability for over a decade.

Server Colocation Services
Co-locate servers and other technology equipment in our global hub or in any one of our network of datacenters. Server colocation services with Utropicmedia means you get commercial facilities with reliable infrastructure features like generators, physical security measures, multi-gigabit transit fibers and extensible managed services like virtualization, data backup and monitoring.

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Advanced Managed Hosting
Manged services on our industry-leading VAS™ platform means you get the performance of a dedicated server with the scalability of a cloud platform. Forget what you know about cloud performance: Utropicmedia's platform offerings have no compare, no I/O bottlenecks, no 2nd-hand hardware and no over-committed infrastructure. Bundled with Disaster Recovery service from Vaultwise™, full service monitoring and engineering support means you get more than technology services, you get a team to support you and yours.

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Business Semi-dedicated
Power your growth from the beginning by using reliable, effective semi-dedicated hosting that includes enterprise tools like encrypted mail protocols, CDP data protection and high-performance databases and web servers. With an industry-leading control interface that gives you total control over your hosting resources: from database tools to web-based private and secure email access and management. Get your data out of the cloud an into a private, secure infrastructure.

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