Ssl Secure Certificates

All our hosting accounts can be equipped with your own secure certificate.

What is a secure certificate for?
Webpages dealing with sensitive data can be
protected with 128 bit encryption and signing.
E-commerce sites commonly use secure pages to protect financial data of their clients.

A secure certificate protects your data, gives you piece of mind
and ensures your clients trust.

Example of a secure URL :
A secure page is called with 'https' instead of 'http'.

How is it installed?

  1. We would equip your account with a unique IP number if necessary.
  2. We'd then supply you with a secure certificate which would be installed comfortably from within your control panel.

cPanel X Pro

What does this protection cost?
- Installation is free of charge.
- $120 a year for a unique IP number.
- $34.95 a year for a secure certificate.

Purchase a secure certificate now by contacting our support or by adding it to your order.

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